Mission statement

“Targeted therapy stops the bleeding.” This is the essence of what drives us. Our goal is to help our customers, who in turn help improve patient outcomes. 

At TEM Systems, we aim to offer hemostasis diagnostic solutions that can assist our customers in their efforts to optimize bleeding control and provide evidence-based transfusion management.

Our goal is to provide valuable information on the state of hemostasis that may facilitate decisions leading to improved patient care and reduced costs associated with blood transfusions.

Our primary focus is on the patient and our mission is to maintain a close, collaborative connection to our customers who support them. Using this as a guiding principle, our global teams will continue to research, develop, augment and introduce cutting-edge diagnostic solutions that meet the patient-centered and cost-reduction goals we share.


Customer Orientation

  • We strive to better understand and act upon the needs of our customers, and we accomplish this by remaining in constant communication with the marketplace and sharing this knowledge with all our employees.  Our employees are empowered to deliver exceptional customer support.


  • We are committed to offering the highest quality products and services, and we accomplish this by clearly defining our business processes and monitoring them constantly to make necessary improvements.  We will comply with all applicable domestic and foreign regulatory requirements.

Employee Focus

  • We recognize that our employees are the key to our success.  We treat our employees with respect and help them grow through training and increased responsibility.  We aim to align our business objectives and their personal circumstances wherever possible.