Best possible therapy

ROTEM® Analysis allows for individual, targeted therapy for monitoring a patient’s coagulation status.

Individual therapy helps the patient to recover earlier

Any major surgery has associated risks. ROTEM® enables individual therapy according to the patient’s actual requirements. Unnecessary blood transfusions can be avoided,  helping the patient to recover sooner after surgery.

Effective way to reduce the risk of bleeding

Patients undergoing major surgery face certain risks related to bleeding. The ROTEM® thrombelastometry system can help to reduce these risks through comprehensive and rapid coagulation investigation and diagnosis. This in vitro analysis determines the status of the hemostasis system and enables individualized, targeted therapy to be used for each patient, including specific anticoagulant monitoring. In cardiac surgery and other procedures (trauma, transplantation, etc.), fast and efficient management of bleeding events is vital for a positive outcome. In particular, shorter hospital stays and fewer adverse events reflect significant improvements for the patient’s health.